Enable Networks
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The Environment:

Enable Networks transforms the way people in Canterbury, New Zealand do business and use technology in their lives with the launch of new wholesale ultra-fast broadband (UFB) services for business and announcement of its fibre-to-the-home services launched in June 2012.

Since the installation, Enable Networks has grown by over 65% and continues to use the IMX as one of their key tools to deliver their services to the New Zealand market!

Mr. Steve FullerEnable CEO / www.enable.net.nz

These new UFB services mark a major milestone in Christchurch's new fibre network and will make a huge contribution to the rebuild and future of our city.
We've begun building Christchurch's fibre-to-the-home network. We've now announced the fibre broadband services that will run over it and when the first customers can connect!
The announcement from Enable, the UFB joint venture between Crown Fibre Holdings Ltd and Christchurch City Holdings Ltd, includes business services available immediately over its existing extensive fibre network.
Today's announcement will benefit local businesses as they look to grow a stronger future in the post-earthquake Christchurch!
UFB services significantly reduce cost for existing fibre users, and mean more local companies can connect and enjoy the access to markets and services fibre offers. It also provides a catalyst for local innovators to develop new applications and create new business opportunities.
Enable has also announced the deployment of its UFB network to more commercial areas in Christchurch.

  • Consumers will be able to enjoy much greater broadband speeds over fibre at prices similar to today's broadband.
  • This fibre-to-the-home network will enable the delivery of Voice, Video / TV, fast internet and exciting new services.
  • Fibre-to-the-home opens the opportunity for companies such as Google and Microsoft, TV networks and other technology innovators to create the exciting new app

The Challenge:

Enable Networks of New Zealand's recent success in a multi-billion dollar government contract prompted urgent action to replace legacy communications systems to cope with rapid growth and stringent service level agreements imposed as part of their contract to deliver ultra-fast broadband services to the south island of New Zealand.
Simply put Enable required a modern, reliable communications system that scales quickly to cope with rapid growth, simplifies system management, and offer users flexible features that are easy to learn.
Non-proprietary, open source telephony platforms were favoured and viewed as providing the best platform to deliver a solution that was easily able to be upgraded or modified whilst not locking the customer into any single manufacturer solution set.

The Solution:

eTellicom IMX

  • IMX's Open Standards IP Telephony & Unified Communications system was deployed as a hosted solution from a centralised Data centre and connecting to 100 user IP endpoint extensions.
  • IMX's non-proprietary nature enabled flexible handset choices which varied from Cisco, Linksys and Yealink manufacturers.
  • IMX's integrated desktop telephony suite including integration with Outlook 2010 provides employees easy-to-use features such as, Rich Presence, Multi-Party Conferencing, Contact Database integration, Call Record, Click to Dial and integrated SIP mobility clients.

The Benefits:

  • With a high call volume from customers, IMX's Auto Attendant & Contact centre features streamlines call management, and helps eliminate bottlenecks
  • IMX's distributed architecture and single image deployment enables Enable staff to centrally manage the system and quickly make changes at any one of the offices. This spreads the workload and avoids relying on one person to manage the system.
  • When it comes to IT expertise, Enable Networks sets very high standards. An Independent ICT Infrastructure Company headquartered in Christchurch, New Zealand, Enable provides Ultra-Fast Broadband solutions and services covering the whole of the South island of New Zealand.
  • Emphasis was placed on the lifecycle of the solution, IT environment: architecture, implementation and operational management of the provider.
  • When it comes to providing excellent service, Enable's customers' needs are its first priority. From answering incoming requests to offsite consultation and deployments, Enable employees are in constant touch with the office and their clients, as appointments can change at a moment's notice.
  • To maintain its competitive advantage, this level of constant communication is essential, which explains how Enable has rapidly earned a reputation as one of the key providers of ultra-fast fibre and infrastructure services in New Zealand.

Enhancing Communications:

Facing a fast-growing customer base, David Richards, ICT manager of Enable, was looking at ways to quickly and easily scale communications to ensure quality service and maintain productivity.
The old telephone system was based on an aging Centrex or IP gateway solution delivered as a managed service from their current Telco provider.
In short, Enable staff was spending precious time maintaining an old system, affecting their productivity and ultimately incoming revenue.
Flexibility and functionality were Enable's main priorities in a new system but the ability to integrate the system with existing applications such as the CRM and Microsoft Exchange e-mail systems was also imperative, as overhauling the entire IT infrastructure would be too costly.

The IMX Solution:

When it came time to choosing a solution, Enable was looking for a non-proprietary, open standards VoIP system that is scalable, feature rich and built for future growth.
As a network operator Enable compared over twelve different VoIP vendors in New Zealand, but IMX was the only one to provide a complete solution meeting all of their requirements.

IMX Makes Life Easier Every Day:

Since the official install of the IMX UC system, Enable Networks has realized major benefits which have improved its business processes on many levels:

  • The wait-traffic of incoming calls from customers to the sales team virtually disappeared with IMX's Auto Attendant feature, as it made it much easier for everyone to manage incoming calls.
  • With the 24-hour automated call answering and routing service, the calls no longer went to one person, but was filtered straight to the right person or department.