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Unified Communication client application that integrates with the eTellicom IMX system and Siemens HiPath OpenScape Office HX, MX and LX platforms. eTellicom now delivers the feature-rich myPortal desktop functionality to iPhone, iPad, Android devices and Windows Phone 8 devices!

Features include :

¹ Attention: Most of the iPortal features have been removed for security purposes and added to the new, improved and secured IMX Mobile app.

  • All iPortal IMX features
  • CallMe
  • CallMe Mobile
  • Ad-Hoc conference with contacts from your phone system or your mobile phone
  • Start/Stop Scheduled Conferences on your PBX
  • Instant messages
  • Display chat-online users
  • Mobile State
  • Integrated SIP Phone
  • Server and client certificates based SSL (encrypted) connection
  • Ads free
  • ...

It allows the user to control their presence, listen to voicemail messages (via media streaming), system directory search, call journal and conferencing. The telephony part works by instructing the PBX to make a call to the iPhone, iPad or Android device, then the PBX makes a call to the desired party. Both calls are made using ISDN. The application also includes proprietary chat (IM) and SIP Phone.

  • Integration with eTellicom IMX PBX system
  • Integration with eTellicom VisualSuite Unified Communication platform
  • Integration with Siemens HiPath OpenScape Office HX, MX and LX platforms

¹ Important: The IMX Mobile app is no longer supporting the Unify (Siemens) HiPath OpenScape Office HX, MX and LX platforms, if use such a system please check the following links or contact your Unify support!

Unify (Siemens) applications :

iOS (Apple Store) :
Android (Play Store) :

User guides :

User Guide (iPhone) :
User Guide (Android) :
User Guide (Windows Phone 8) :

Download links :

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IMX Mobile (Windows Phone 8)

IMX Mobile (Windows Phone 8)

IMX Mobile (iPhone)

IMX Mobile iOS (iPhone and iPad)

IMX Mobile (Android)

IMX Mobile Lite (Android)