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IMXAdmin is a Web Based Administration (WBA) tool is a simple and secure way of managing all IMX systems on the network.
WBA includes wizards to assist with installations. All aspects of software and hardware are managed in the WBA.

  • IMX Wizards
  • System Settings (Global Settings, Date & Time, Music on Hold)
  • SIP (General, Internal/External SIP Profile, Gateways ...)
  • CTI Settings
  • Dial Plan (Service Codes, Extensions, Users, Groups, Call Forwarding, LCR, Dial Rules, Inbound Routes, DID, ACL)
  • Maintenance (System Restart/Shutdown, Backup, Scheduled Backup, Log Backup)
  • Security (IMX Admin Administrators)
  • License (License Info, Activate License)
  • Directories (External Directories)


IMX Admin Screenshot  Zoom

IMX Admin