How to add a personalized logo on Yealink IP Phones

Logo Yealink phones offer the ability to change the phone logo with your own or your customer logo. This benefit applies to Yealink T22, T26, and T28 phones.

If you are an IMX partner or customer, contact us - we can create your custom Yealink IP Phone logo at no cost!

You will need:
  • 1.) Yealink T22, T26 or T28
  • 2.) A photo editing program
  • 3.) Firmware 6.39 or above for the phones
  • 4.) Custom company logo

Step 1

- Your logo should be no more than 132 x 64 pixels for T22 and T26 handsets. However, due to its larger screen size, the T28 can have a 320 x 160 pixel logo uploaded!
An important thing to consider is how to colorize the logo. Both the t22 and t26 handsets require a black and white / grayscale image while the T28 can accept 4 shades of gray.
You can edit the color of your logo using any image manipulation program such as Photoshop and Gimp.
Make sure to save your image as a *.bmp file

Step 2

- Download yealink's conversion program. You will need to convert the BMP file to DOB format. You can Download the program here: PExDemo

Step 3

- Run PExDemo. Press Add, and select your BMP format logo. The picture will get converted automatically, but you may press the Convert button for re-assurance. Look in the adv/ sub folder of PExDemo and you'll see your DOB file that you have just created.

Step 4

- Upload the logo to the phone. Login to your phone's interface and visit Phone -> Features ->Upload logo (at the bottom of the page). Browse to the DOB file you have generated and PRESTO! After a few seconds, your company logo will cycle over the screen.

Source: VOIPinion,