What is possible? Optimising efficiency in a user friendly solution!

What is possible?
  • Attendance Status

    Set your availability status (presence) using Microsoft Outlook or Exchange.
    Your status can also be changed via the Internet or by phone.
    At a quick glance you can see who is available. giving you more knowledge and increasing your productivity and efficiency with normal effort.

  • Conference Module

    Quick and easy conference calls, either ad-hoc or scheduled. Simply drag the participants in and place them in the conference window... IMX does the rest.

  • Voicemail & Faxes

    Sort voice messages and faxes with priority so you know which message will be the first to be answered...
    Even before you've listened to them!

What is possible?
  • Favourite List

    Check the availability of employees or team members to immediately cooperate and make quicker decisions.
    It is again a simple matter of drag and drop. With one click you can call a favorite contact or send an internal IM and keep all important contacts together, so you can see them all in one window.

  • Folders

    Most people have hundreds of contacts with whom they want to stay in touch.All customers, colleagues, suppliers and private relationships are at your fingertips with the folder search function!

  • Log Personal Calls

    Have you missed a call?
    In the call Journal you will find the entire call history for all calls including all call which need to be actioned.

What is possible?
  • Personal Notifications

    You can advise the operator to send calls to you in specific circumstances such as when expecting a call from a particular person, and the operator can also send you SMS message while you are on a call.
    These are two examples of rules that you can setup to adequately respond to various situations.

  • Personal AutoAttendant

    You can set your IMX so that callers get different options if you're busy.
    For example:
    'Press 1 to leave a message' or
    'Press 2 for my assistant or be diverted to someone else in my team'.
    This prevents inefficient communications, because oftentimes someone else within the organization can help the customer.

What is possible?
  • Pop-Up Status Information

    With the pop-up status information, you can always know what is happening.
    IMX will notify you through a window on your PC, so you can still answer calls before messages are left. And if there is a critical call while you are on another call, IMX can record directly.

  • Status Base Forawarding

    All employees in your company can set call forwarding based on their personal status.
    Thus, everyone has their own personal assistant.

  • Call Me!

    This feature allows you to use your phone number from any phone, such as your home or hotel room.
    Callers see the same number, as you were in the office!