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VisualFone VisualFone is the typical user's desktop application, it provides a friendly interface to handle all telephony, fax, voice mail and contacts requirements.
There is a fully integrated Microsoft Outlook plug-in, which also includes a full conference module.
Dialing from the application is a breeze and desktop dialing from any application is also possible.
This will give you total unified communication : your telephone, fax and e-mail all in one application.
The stand-alone version of VisualFone is a Java application and runs of any computer that supports Java, e.g Apple MAC, Linux and Windows OS.

  • Integration with VisualAttendant for both way LAN messaging and office presence information updates
  • Users can modify their presence including time/date of return which is immediately updated on VisualAttendant & other Visual clients
  • Integration with Exchange/Outlook Calendar to automate presence change (status will automatically change based on information in Calendar)
  • Integrated internal directory showing busy indication, status information of other users and CTI dialing
  • External and Personal Directories (integrated with Outlook Contacts)
  • Ability for user to self manage their favorites bar
  • Can be used in conjunction with "in-skin" or existing voicemail systems. Best results with optional VisualMail
  • Screen pop and Tray pop
  • Voicemail playback & Fax viewing/printing
  • Call History
  • Soft telephony keys


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