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The IMX Mobile app communicates with the PBX system via the IMX Mobile Proxy.

IMX Mobile Certificate

One of the many advantages of the proxy is that the communication is encrypted (using Secure Socket Layer); also the proxy has an advanced and easy to use Web administration interface for its configuration. The Web administration interface does not require additional program/s to be installed and can be accessed from any computer from the proxy local network. Using the Web administration interface the proxy administrator can create and delete client certificates. Only certified clients are authorized to connect to the PBX system with the IMX Mobile application.

Due to popular demand, eTellicom have decided to offer the professional version of iPortal (IMX Mobile Proxy licence) free of charge!

The IMX Mobile Proxy license includes :

  • All current and future IMX Mobile features (unlimited)
  • Lifetime upgrades and support
  • Unlimited duration
  • Free IMX Mobile application; available for iOS (iPhone/iPad), Android and Windows Phone devices
  • Different license models (10,20,30,40,50 and Unlimited number of users)!

The proxy can be installed on a physical or virtual machine, 32 or 64 bit. The install includes a Linux OS (CentOS) and is self installable.
It takes around 15 minutes to install and configure.

  • Integration with eTellicom IMX PBX system
  • Integration with eTellicom VisualSuite Unified Communication platform
  • Integration with Unify (Siemens) HiPath OpenScape Office HX, MX and LX platforms

IMX Mobile Proxy Administration Manual : IMX_Mobile_Proxy_Administration_Manual

¹ Important: The IMX Mobile Proxy is no longer supporting the Unify (Siemens) HiPath OpenScape Office HX, MX and LX platforms, if use such a system please check the following links or contact your Unify support!

Unify (Siemens) applications :

iOS (Apple Store) :
Android (Play Store) :


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