As a comprehensive communications solution, IMX can save you money!

Can IMX save you money?
  • Lower Phone Bills

    The IMX is an investment that will quickly pay for itself, as you will see lower monthly fees for fixed and mobile telephony.
    Because you are calling over IP, the costs are much lower then traditional telephony.
    Our powerful Least Cost Routing (LCR) module ensures calls are made via the cheapest possible carrier!

  • Less Maintenance

    However sophisticated the solution is, the installation must also be easy.
    Intuitive user environment, the system must be easy to learn for everyone in the organization. You should not lose valuable time on training.
    The hardware is fully integrated and the system works seamlessly with familiar Microsoft Outlook Software.

  • Less Office Space

    The time when your own employees had to work solely at the office is gone. Home or field work is no problem because switching between land-line, mobile phone and home office computer requires no effort!

  • Everything in One Place

    Because IMX offers integration with Outlook, employees can all speak, fax and e-mail all within one application, saving an average worker 43 minutes a day.
    (Source: Sage Research)

  • Incrased Efficiency

    An internal meeting can be setup quickly with an instant message.
    Making decisions quickly and easily results in better service to your customers.
    No more wasting time calling or leaving messages to find out who is available when.